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Open Sew

Open Sew

February Door Banner Class with Nichole

February Door Banner Class

Mar 7
Quilt As You Go Block "C" with Sally
Mar 8
Falling for Autumn with Nichole
Mar 9
Chillin' with My Snowmies with Vickie

Fun Facts 
~ National Sewing Month takes places every year in September.
Ronald Reagan Proclaimed in 1982, marking the start of the day

~ Most people associate sewing with Thomas saint's discovery of the sewing machine in 1750.
Isaac singer improved on the existing device in 1851. Singers prototype eventually became the industrial
norm for what we now call a sewing machine. Sewing was done by hand until the 19th century. Sewing society's
became popular in the 1860's. 



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Tuesday - Friday
: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

6701 Manlius Center Rd
East Syracuse, NY 13057



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